TAP: Pullars Syllabus

Tap is one of the most entertaining and challenging forms of dance.

Tappers use their feet like drums to create rhythmic patterns and timely beats. Anybody who’s seen Tap Dogs will know how fantastic this style of dance can be. The thing is that all of those guys had completed many years of training to get to that level.

At the Academy of Performing Arts Macarthur, students aged from 4 years learn tap in our beginners tap/jazz class which combines the basic elements of both styles of dance, whilst advanced classes offer the older student the opportunity to excel.

The Academy teaches a special syllabus (Pullars) blending the traditional with the latest styles – developing strong tap technique with expression and challenging rhythms and sounds. Tap at the Academy is a great way to stay fit, develop musicality, and learn the cool ‘Tap Dogs’ style.

  ”Fun and engaging classes with amazing teachers and a great bunch of people that make the APAM family!”