Pre-school & Pre-primary classes

Pre-school & Pre-primary classes – Ballet, Tap & Jazz

 Pre-School and Pre-Primary Dancers

Pre-School and Pre-Primary Dancers

Pre-school and Pre-primary classes that are fun and exciting especially designed for Boys and Girls who love to dance, make-believe, wiggle and move to music.

Children need to develop basic movement skills before trying complicated techniques and these classes for your pre-schooler are the perfect fun environment, with its use of props and imagination, to help your child develop a life-long love of all dance styles.

With 4 classes to choose from, you can rest assured that your little one will be in the most age appropriate class for them. From the 4 year old Dancing Sprites or 5 year old pre-primary classes.

Dancing Sprites Ballet

4 years

This is a beginner’s ballet class created for your 4-year-old preschooler. It is full of fun, friendship and wonder as we introduce your little dancer to the beautiful art of Classical Ballet during the 45-minute class. Your little one can also attend he Tap/Jazz class for extra variety and enjoyment.

“A great school, with wonderful teachers, great values and outstanding results. I highly recommend APA to anyone who wants to dance and have fun in the process!”

Dancing Sprites Tap/Jazz

4 years

A 45 minute combined beginners class and designed for your 4 year old preschooler to introduce your little one to the funky rhythms of Tap and Jazz. Your lovely dancer will commence the class with tap shoes to make some noise, wiggle and shake!! What Pre-schooler doesn’t love that! In the second half of the class (after changing into jazz shoes) it’s time for the children to move their bodies to their favourite kids’ pop songs. A high energy and fun class where the children are encouraged to discover their own unique style.

RAD Pre-Primary Ballet

5 years

This is perfect for 5year olds where they can start learning the fundamentals of ballet following the RAD Pre-Primary Syllabus, focusing on creativity, expression and musicality in a fun, warm and friendly environment.  He/she will be using great props and a range of exciting sounds and musical styles as well as having great fun and making new friends. Pre-primary Ballet dancers learn from highly qualified teachers who have a passion for passing on their knowledge of classical ballet to your children.

Pre-Primary Tap/Jazz

5 years

Class will allow your 5-year-old experience the joy and excitement of dancing to great age appropriate music for both Tap and Jazz. Lasting for 45 minutes, your child will start in their Tap shoes for 20 minutes, making heaps of noise and learning correct Tap technique. He/she will then change into Jazz shoes to start learning the latest (age appropriate) jazz movements to music they know and love.