Education in Dance and Theatre Arts Syllabus (EDTA)



Modern is best described as an expressive blend of ballet and jazz although it has a technique and style all of its own.

Modern/contemporary is currently one of the most popular styles of dance throughout the world with many dance and ballet companies using modern/contemporary works as a large part of their repertoire. It is also the core dance style used in the NSW school system from primary through to the HSC.

Like all classes at the Academy, our modern/ contemporary classes focus on enjoyment being the basis of every student’s learning. We generally suggest that students can begin to be introduced to this classe at age 7 years or over or from Grade 1 Ballet.


“A young boy growing up in a small country town with a dream to dance and travel the world, seemed like an impossible dream till I attended APA! Exceptional teachers and an intensive training programme suddenly opened a whole new world for me.”

Brad Cleary, Professional dancer & Entrepreneur (Germany)