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 Hip Hop

Hip Hop

The popularity of movies such as ‘Step Up’ and ‘Honey’ has seen hip-hop become the most talked about dance style of recent times.

The framework of the Academy’s hip-hop program allows students with little or no dance experience through to the most advanced dancers to participate actively in every class.

Class begins with a hip-hop warm-up where students follow the teacher’s movement, moving on to gentle stretches and dance combinations which are great for fitness. The combinations will be drawn from all of the different styles of hip hop the have develop in the past few decades – from popping to breaking, locking to dancehall, krump to lyrical hip hop. By exposing students to all styles of hip hop they will develop an understanding of just how broad the style is, as well as develop skills in each style as a strong foundation essential for anyone hoping to go further in hip hop or commercial dance.

In the last part of the class students will learn a hip-hop dance. Hip-hop classes are a great way to get together with friends and learn new skills – and because hip-hop is arguably as much about ‘swag’ as it is about technique, students of all abilities are sure to have a great time.

“Michelle My daughter loved this studio and the amazing staff and students. It’s a caring and supportive environment, and I’d recommend it to everyone who is looking for a friendly, professional Studio with top class teachers.”