A young boy growing up in a small country town with a dream to dance and travel the world, seemed like an impossible dream till I attended APA! Exceptional teachers and an intensive training program suddenly opened a whole new world for me. It has been many years since I completed my course with APA but the training I received has been the greatest asset to my success. I have achieved much more than my wildest dreams could have imagined, as soloist dancer in Europe’s largest cabaret, to choreographing major fashion and commercial events for TV, music artists and fashion labels all over the world and to the present, transitioning to creative director, most recently creating and directing ‘Illusions’ at the Tropicana hotel Casino on the Las Vegas strip, just voted ‘The best of Vegas’. I owe it all to APA and its teachers, ethos, and comprehensive training. APA gave me the foundations I needed to be and stay at the top of our industry.
Brad Cleary

Loving her dancing…

“To say Emma is loving her dance at the moment is an understatement! As parents we have noticed a huge improvement in her skills and attention to detail.”

“She really is loving dancing and she wants to do the best she can. Miss Annissa is always very encouraging and Cadence always walks out of her class with a smile and something she needs to work on.”

“We were sad to leave Miss Sam on Wednesday’s and move to Friday’s class due to tutoring on that day. Carla was definitely getting a lot from  Miss Sam and is loving her dancing.”
Danielle M

Supportive and safe environment

I really appreciate the opportunity she has had to develop her skills in a supportive and safe environment that she loves.Thank you!

… absolutely loves it!

My 3 year old started Wigglebugs this year and absolutely loves it! Miss Jo is her favourite and every time to finish class she says “mummy, I love ballet and I have fun”. All teachers are lovely and very friendly. When your 3 year old gets ready in her ballet outfit and does not have any tantrums; you know that this dance school is amazing!
Christine McMurtrie

passionate about dance

I just wanted to say thank you very much to you and all the many dance teachers Renee has had over the years at the Academy and what you all have done for her. Renee may or may not take up dancing as a career – if she does, any success she achieves will be because of her determination and the excellent grounding she has received at APAM. I was certainly not aware when I enrolled her in Wigglebugs at age 3, she would become so passionate about dance. Many thanks again to you, and all our wonderful staff.
Vickie Scheffer

wonderful atmosphere from students and teachers

APA has taught me so much in the 11 years that I have attended and I am always improving. Such a wonderful atmosphere from students and teachers. I have made some of the best friends and grown a close connection with many of the teachers. I have created memories that will carry through with me for the rest of my life. It has been incredible how much I have grown from dancing with the APA family
Meagan Major

We just wanted to let you know we really appreciate all the hard work you and all your staff put in, not only for the concert but all year round.  The concert was fabulous and our daughter is developing wonderfully.  She genuinely loves coming to class every week, and that is only because of the dedication and passion you all have for the performing arts 🙂

Congratulations and a million Thank Yous.

a most enjoyable day…

Just a note to thank you all for the wonderful concerts last Sunday. It was a most enjoyable day and the quality of performances was very good!
The Streaters

I have formed a second family

From being a student growing up at APA, to now teaching at APA, I have formed a second family there. All the staff are wonderful, extremely talented and experienced. All the students are a pleasure to teach. It is a fun, hardworking, passionate environment and I highly recommend APA Macarthur.

Jodie Toogood

best dance school concert…

Thank you Miss Pauline and the teachers for a wonderful concert and all your hard efforts! My whole family enjoyed the concert and have said it was the best dance school concert they have ever been to!

My daughter has been attending APAM for 7 years and thinks of it as her second home. She loves dancing at APAM and looks forward to dance everyday. The teachers are excellent, and I’d highly recommend this school.
Shell Lynn

My daughter started with APA MacArthur last year and we both love going – the teachers, the parents, the atmosphere are all friendly and supportive.
Danielle Mead

…part of your amazing school.

I really love your school and I just wanted to thank you Pauline for letting us be a part of your amazing school.  Please also thank Miss Jo for her amazing teaching tuition.


I am amazed how much her confidence has grown

I was very happy with my daughter’s dancing and cried the whole time. I am amazed how much her confidence has grown since starting at your school!
Big thank you to Miss Jo as well for being an amazing teacher to her!!