Philosophy and Values


To nurture a community where students come together to share the love of dance and create idyllic childhood memories they will cherish throughout their lives. With caring teachers and positive reinforcement, we are creating the future generations of performing arts audiences.


The Academy of Performing Arts Macarthur is a place where dancers can have fun, feel welcomed whilst making new friendships.
Our caring teachers provide the children with inclusivity as we welcome and encourage all levels of ability, where each student can experience the magic of stage and performing arts in an inspiring and supportive environment.


The Academy of Performing Arts Macarthur’s teaching philosophy sits at the heart of what the Academy is all about. It is a constant reminder to students, teachers and parents of what we believe that everyone can experience the joy of dance regardless of ability.

The Academy believes that students always learn best when they enjoy what they do. Therefore, through positive encouragement the students can create idyllic childhood memories thanks to our caring teachers who create enjoyable and fun classes to ensure everyone can share the love of dance.

  • Provide fun and inspiring classes for all students, whether attending as a hobby, to make friends, or wanting to train to a professional level.
  • Provide a healthy, enjoyable and professional environment in which our students build confidence and self-esteem, creativity and develop as individuals.
  • Promote students’ awareness of their bodies and encourage positive development in body and mind.
  • Provide the best possible tuition for our students, ensuring all teachers have trained extensively in their field
  • Give students a sense of achievement through the opportunity to take part in examinations, assessments, productions and performances
  • Encouraging students to express themselves and their individuality through the movement of dance, building confidence and a healthy mind, body and spirit.
  • Give EVERY student the opportunity to enter into the magical world of stage and performance through our annual concert.
  • To treat all people with respect.
  • Ensure our facility has a “no bullying” policy in place. We do not allow any such behaviour or nastiness from students, parents and teachers alike.

As a result of this philosophy, the Academy of Performing Arts, Macarthur has produced some amazing professional dancers. Students at The Academy have been offered positions within the Australian Ballet School, the Australian Ballet School junior interstate program, the Boston Ballet School, Western Australia Academy of Performing Arts, the Joffrey Ballet school, Victorian College of the Arts, the MacDonald College plus a growing number of professional contracts with dance companies both in Australia and overseas.

At The Academy of Performing Arts Macarthur, we have classes to cater for all ages and abilities because we want all students to be inspired by the magic of dance…

Dance is for everyone!


“From being a student at Apa growing up, and having taught at Apa, I have formed a second family there. All the staff are wonderful and extremely talented and experienced and all the students are a pleasure to teach. It is a fun, hard working, passionate environment and I highly recommend Apa.”

Jodie Toogood, professional dancer