The dream begins here…

The Academy of Performing Arts Macarthur

The dream begins here…

Since its conception 50 years ago, The Academy of Performing Arts, Macarthur (APAM) has been introducing and developing children from all ages, abilities and gender to a world of fun and excitement, through music, dance and performing arts.

At APAM everyone is welcome.

Some of our families have been with me for 2 and 3 generations. I am so proud that this year marks my 50th year of teaching 

Pauline Hincks- Director APAM

Parents can be rest assured that their children will receive fun and inspiring classes, whether attending as a hobby, to make friends or wanting to train to a professional level.

The Academy of Performing Arts, Macarthur provides every student the opportunity to enter into the magical world of stage and performance through our annual concerts.

Our beautiful little dancers wowed the audience in December last year, as they filled the stage with colour and music at the Camden Civic Centre for their Junior Concert “The Magic of Colour”. Open to all students form the Wigglebugs 3-4 year olds to the Grade 3 students 9 – 14 years.

I was very happy with my daughter’s dancing and cried the whole time. I am amazed how much her confidence has grown since starting at your school! 


The senior concert “Journey Through Life” held at the IPAC (Illawarra Performing Arts Centre in Wollongong) saw the stage buzzing with excitement for 2 hours as our senior students showcased their talents once again.

Renee may or may not take up dancing as a career – if she does, any success she achieves will be because of her determination and the excellent grounding she has received at APAM. I was certainly not aware when I enrolled her in Wigglebugs at age 3, she would become so passionate about dance

Vickie S.

Students are back in class, looking forward to another exciting year ahead. Preparing for what will be the best concert as we “Celebrate 5 Decades of Dance”.